Lamb Kibbeh Lamb Meatball Stuffed with Minced Lamb and Pine Nuts

Pumpkin Kibbeh (v) Pumpkin Ball Stuffed with Walnuts, Spinach and Onions

Fatayer (v) Spinach, Onion and Sumac crispy Triangles

Rikakat (v) Mint and Parsley, Feta Cheese cigar Parcels

Stuffed Vine Leaves (v) vine leaves stuffed with tomato, onions, rice and chickpeas

Sfeeha Pastry Squares Stuffed with Minced Lamb, pinenuts and Tomato

Zaatar Manakish (v) Olive oil, tyhme and sesame bread

Sambousek Stuffed Mince Lamb and Pine Nut pastie

Baby Pitta Wrap with Falafel (v) Pickled Turnip, Tomato, Parsley and Tahini Sauce

Hummus (v) Crostini Topped with Hummus and Chick Pea

Moutabal (v) Crostini Topped with aubergine and Pomegranate

Pizza (v) Cheese tomato, mushroom and olive

Chicken Taouk Mini Chicken Shish Taouk Skewer

Kafta and Batata Hara Mini Kafta and spiced Potato Skewer

Courgette Rolls (v) Creamy goats cheese rolled in grilled courgette

Croquettes Chicken, Fish or Cheese breaded croquettes with a bechamel sauce filling

Three Cheese Quiche (v) Mini quiche filled with 3 cheeses and spinach


Tabouleh (v) Finely chopped parsley, tomato, onion and bulgar wheat in a lemon dressing

Fattoush (v) Mixed salad with sumac and toasted pitta crostini’s

Riz Aa’ Djaj Lebanese rice cooked with mince lamb served with chicken and a rich gravy sauce

Riz Aa’ Lahme Lebanese rice cooked with mince lamb served with lamb and a rich gravy sauce

Batata Hara (v) Potatoes cooked with olive oil, garlic, red peppers, spices and green chilli

Cod Sayadiyeh Slow cooked rice in an onion sauce served with fresh cod and a rich gravy sauce

Fatet Batinjan (v) Aubergines stuffed with onions and walnuts baked in a tomato sauce served with pitta crostini’s and garlic yoghurt

Kibbeh Bi Banadora Lamb kibbeh cooked in a tomato sauce served with rice

Shish Barak Oven cooked lamb dumplings in a yoghurt and mint sauce serve with rice

Moghrabiyeh Moghrabiyeh balls in a rich onion broth served with chicken, baby onions and chick peas

Mloukhiyeh Mloukhiyeh leaf stew served with rice, chicken, toasted pitta bread crostini’s and topped with an onion and vinegar sauce

Moudardara Bahriyeh (v) Slow cooked lentils topped with golden crisp onions


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