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Lebanese Delivery to West London!

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Elene’s Kitchen are the go to restaurant when it comes to Lebanese delivery in London. We produce authentic and homemade dishes using only the finest quality ingredients. Try our extensive list of Lebanese vegan and halal options, as well as tasty Mediterranean flavours available for Lebanese takeaway. Some of our most popular dishes include our falafels, Cheese Rikakets, Batata Harra & Hummus served on the side to any of our traditional home cooked main courses or mixed grills.

Tuesday 29th June - Saturday 3rd July 2021

Jawaneh £6.50 Grilled chicken wings marinated in coriander and garlic

Roast Lamb Summer Salad £13 Roast lamb, feta cheese and pomegranate Salad

Foul bil silik V £5.75 Broad beans, chard, onions, garlic and coriander 

Samke Hara £14 Cod fillets in a chopped walnut and tahini sauce

Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th July 2021


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